Friday. Pat Condell!

What better way to start the day than to listen to Pat Condell talk about the human rights violations in Islamic republics across the World? How about listening to Pat Condell talk about the misogyny in Islam?

I can do you one better: both! Enjoy!

[Pat Condell]

Hat Tip: Nair

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Atheism Week… 1

There have been several posts this week about atheism [(1, here), (2, here), and (3, here)], and a fluid-mechanical analogy for how dumb conservapaedia is. There’s also been some humour! So many posts, in fact, that I think this can veritably be called Atheism Week at Learning to be Terse. I also think I’ll do this again sometime. You know, when some Religious H. Dumbfellow becomes more pious, preachy, or holier-than-thou than I can bear.

I feel like I should point out that this isn’t simply vanity. I don’t rant about religion because I want to make noise. Well, I do, a little, and it’s a ready-made topic to write about when nothing else is available, but this is one luxury I’d so rather not have.

I do this because I think religion is about as maleficent a concept, and god – especially the one of the old testament – as vile a creation as the human mind could cook up. I know quite a few people who feel the same way about faith, and would rather that religion disappeared overnight, at the very least from the public sphere. In the absence of that, I’m (we’re) prepared to make as much noise as will get the message across about how stupid, wrong, and dangerous faith is.

As Richard Dawkins says, the problem I have isn’t with this faith or that. It’s with the concept of faith itself. Especially when faith, and its expression, enter the public sphere. Even more so when religious faith is considered sacrosanct, in that criticism of this public expression of belief is not only socially unacceptable, but also illegal. You think that will never happen? Wake up. It already has. The United fucking Nations has ratified a ‘no-criticism of Islam’ doctrine. It may not be called exactly that, of course, and it is still a non-binding resolution, but it has wording that comes pretty close to criminalising blasphemy. It notes, for example,

with deep concern [that] Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.

Yeah. And cigarettes are frequently (and wrongly, I’m sure) associated with causing cancer; germs are frequently associated with causing diseases, and thunderstorms are frequently associated with people getting drenched.

The resolution is non-binding, as in Nations aren’t required by United Nations decree to enact laws criminalizing blasphemy… Yet. I have a sinking feeling that that may not be too far from happening too.


Here’s something I read about only last night. It’s from Uttar Pradesh. The shame. Parents of a 4 year old ‘sacrificed’ her by burning her alive because a tantric told them they’d become rich by doing this. I mean, WTF. Even if one were stupid enough to believe the crap about becoming rich, what the fuck are you going to do with the money having killed your own daughter? Shove it up your asses? Do that and then light it on fire, why don’t you?