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The Aliens have sprouted!

Posted in Campus, Photographs by Croor Singh on December 10, 2010

I took this picture a while ago. I thought the ‘craters’ looked suspicious and everything, but didn’t do anything about it:



You see, this is what happens when you see a problem but do nothing about it. The only thing needed for aliens to start to sprout is for good people to do nothing!



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It’s Saturday. There has to be something good.

Posted in Campus, Photographs, This and That by Croor Singh on November 27, 2010

I lamented once upon a post that I seemed to leave my camera behind really when I might have liked to take a picture. Well, that’s been remedied. Partially. Here, for instance, is quite a large cloud of birds.



I’ve seen birds in bunches smaller than this do simulated acrobatics, too. They fly around in circles gaining altitude and hurtle down all together in swoops that will make you think they’ve suddenly lost the ability to fly… until you see them resurface from behind the trees in a few seconds. I wish I knew how to get that on camera.

Here’s another one. You know what they say about clouds – that each one has a silver lining? I don’t think they meant that literally, but here’s what that might look like:



And lastly, and I am not sure that the resolution on this page is enough to see this properly, does it look to you like the branches of the coconut tree are on fire, the flames eating at the leaves from tip to stalk?



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JNCASR has the coolest spiders!

Posted in Campus, Photographs by Croor Singh on November 14, 2010

I shot these just now. I saw this spider that had spun itself a web between table and chair. It was brilliant. The picture is, too! There are more pictures on my Facebook. Go to the album called JNCASR – EMU.

There’s a new webbing that the spider’s spinning as I was taking the picture. That’s the strand of zig-zag white you see to the bottom-right of the spider. Although, it’s probably more likely the spider fell asleep while it was spinning a web.



Do you want to look at the sky?

Posted in Campus, Photographs by Croor Singh on November 12, 2010

The JNC campus is in a part of Bangalore that isn’t really Bangalore. We’re 12 km from Malleswaram. The Engineering unit at JNC is in one corner of the campus, which means that the footfall to the building consists almost entirely of students from the unit itself. Unlike some places (read: IITM), JNC also doesn’t ban entry to its rooftops.

I sit on the terrace at EMU every evening. I usually listen to some audiobook or the other, or simply read something. I usually also take my camera although, it turns out, NOT when I saw the most incredible images I could’ve shot (I saw a flying-V of birds about a hundred birds strong, for instance. Nope, no camera). Below are some pictures I did manage to take. I particularly like the last one, with its yellow school bus against a very pretty sky.


[/image 1]

[\image 2]


Random Photograph: The sky. Aiyaiai!

Posted in Photographs by Croor Singh on October 17, 2010

I get a lot of time at JNCASR to do things other than study fluid mechanics. I spend most evenings on the balcony – studying, provisionally – but I’m always looking for stuff like this. The sky looked like something an artist might create on his easel. And since I’ve moved my camera and all its peripherals to the lab, I took a picture.

I did have to retouch the picture, though. My camera isn’t nearly sensitive enough – hence the graininess.



The test I created is still open. I want enough votes for a statistically significant result. Do take the test!

[End. Fini. Kaputski. Painted Sky!]

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Random Photograph: The tree that is a painting, the painting that’s a tree.

Posted in Photographs by Croor Singh on October 13, 2010

This is from Vattam and UPenn. I’ve said previously that I find paintings that look lifelike, and photographs that look like they are painted very appealing. Vattam pointed out to me that this falls squarely in the latter category. I agree.

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Random Photograph: LoLSquirrel!

Posted in Photographs by Croor Singh on October 11, 2010

This is from Vattam. There are two of these, and I simply couldn’t decide which of them to leave out! I decided to just post both of them here. You can see why:

[LoLSquirrel – 1]

[LoLSquirrel – 2]


Random Photograph: From the EMU Rooftop, again.

Posted in Campus, Photographs by Croor Singh on October 9, 2010

I seem to have not posted any photographs here for a while. Here’s one, then. This is again from the EMU rooftop. If the picture looks suspiciously sunny to you, it’s because I’ve done something (I think) to the picture on Picasa. I don’t remember what, exactly.

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Random Photograph – From the EMU Rooftop

Posted in Campus, Photographs by Croor Singh on September 28, 2010

EMU has a nice rooftop to take pictures from (reminder to self: get to and leave camera at lab). I took a few the last time I had my camera here. This one, I thought, was nice. If you zoom in, you can see me on the window of the other building (that’s the Nanoscience building, if you’re curious). That guy on the phone, whose name I don’t know, is also from EMU.

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Random Photograph(s): Scenes from [your favourite racing game]

Posted in Photographs by Croor Singh on September 20, 2010

I was at Mekhri Circle last night, and had my camera with me. The Mekhri circle underpass is quite brilliant at night. The second of these photos is slightly more blurry than the first, but they’re both quite good. My camera has no shutter-speed adjustment or anything more than normal focus adjustment, mind. I actually shot this on autofocus. I’m quite surprised they came out this well.


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