The Football World Cup and Korea DPR

I was very surprised when I first heard that North Korea was going to play in the football world cup. The sole aim of the North Korean regime of the great leader, that dead bastard, and his son, the dear leader, that sick, dying pig, is to keep the people of North Korea in a real-life Orwellian nightmare. The people of North Korea are absolute property of the ruling family, and live with a staggering lack of freedom – no electricity, no telephone, no internet other than the state-run intranet where the state puts up things you are allowed to see, no music, no TV, no movies, no free press. (That last one was a joke … Free Press? In North Korea?!). Heck, the people aren’t even allowed to buy their own food. Rations are provided by the state, in amounts deemed sufficient by the state. Meat is strictly for state-authorised celebratory occasions (read the birthday of the great leader).

Now, this kind of hellish repression is sustainable, for whatever length of time, only with absolute lack of information. Which explains why there is no access to the internet, or to TV or radio that doesn’t extol the virtues of the president, that dead SOB, Kim Il Sung. There is also active xenophobic propaganda – ‘South Koreans are so poor that they only feed themselves by rummaging through trash cans’, when nothing could be farther from the truth. And with one of the largest armed and police forces in the world, ready to step on the throats of anybody who deviates from the rule of the state in the slightest.

The only way to maintain this kind of absolute misinformation is to never let anybody see the outside world. Which is why it is utterly bewildering to me that the dictatorship slave-ownership that is the North Korean government would let some of its civilians out to play football. What is more surprising, however, is that only four players from the North Korean football team have been reported AWOL. How the heck did the managers and team officials (how much should one bet that these are army officers?) manage to keep the other fifteen nineteen[Thanks, Bhadwa] from doing the same thing?