The Ma Foi Foundation

I was part, for a while, of the Teach India thing that TOI started, way back when… I was recently contacted by a foundation that does similar work. I think they’re doing very good work with enabling the less fortunate to become self-sufficient. They will help you sponsor a deserving kid through college, for example. They are backed by an MNC as part of its CSR work, and they say they do similar work in a dozen other countries.

Unfortunately for me, they work entirely in Chennai, and I’m moving to Bangalore at the end of the week. All I can do for them is send them some money. If anybody is willing and interested, and have some time or some money to spare, please consider donating. I’m sure they will be glad to receive your help. Also, personally, if you are willing to spare some money, please contact me so we can chip in and make a larger contribution.

There are more details here.

They can be contacted at

The Ma Foi Foundation,
1st Floor, No. 49, Cathedral Road,
Chennai – 600086
email: tfmf [at] mafoi [dot] com