Witchcraft. No, really.

…that’s what legislators in Karnataka, and consequently, the sycophants of the police department, are worried about, it turns out. I read about this in the newspaper this morning. They’ve found, on a pavement at the entrance to the secretariat,

…[f]resh meat, eggs (some broken), blood stains, a lemon with a number of nails pierced on it, vermilion and a few bones, all wrapped in a leaf […]

And that’s been enough to make the duffers that run the Karnataka government scamper for cover. The Chief Minister, apparently has had this sort of thing directed at him previously, too. And because he’s the consummate mouse (or rat, more appropriately), he’s even gone on a purification spree.

when Yeddyurappa visited his home town Shikaripur in Shimoga district two days after he took over as Chief Minister, similar articles were found near the helipad, where the chopper carrying the new chief minister was to have landed. Police removed the articles but Yeddyurappa decided to get rid of the “evil effect’’ by visiting a few temples immediately after.

I have utter contempt for the moron of a chief minister of Karnataka. And I stabbed a tub of butter at breakfast this morning. I’m sure that means Yeddy will scurry on to the nearest temple (taking with him the two dozen SUVs, four cars, and two ambulances that seem to be required to accompany the chief minister everywhere).