Friday Night Music — seriously good music

I have a Facebook friends list that posts some very cool music. It is apparently guitar season on my news feed; my ears aren’t complaining. I post the two that I liked best.

The first one is Joe Bonamassa playing BB King’s The Thrill is Gone. This is brilliant. HT: Vales.



The second one is John Butler playing Ocean. I am floored. HT: Sayash

[Edit, 5/October/2012] By the way, what you see John Butler doing with his left foot is use the wah wah pedal, first used to perfection by Jimi Hendrix (I think). Usually, the wah wah pedal is connected to the pick-up in an electric guitar, and is used to change the sensitivity of the pick-up at different frequencies. The guitar Butler is using is not electric. Prevailing opinion is that the microphone is plugged into the wah wah pedal is plugged into the amplifier. Do you know better?


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