Jon Stewart on Israel

This is an American election season, which means that the war-rhetoric flows thick and fast from people running for public office in America; war-rhetoric centred around their professed hatred of the idea that Iran might build itself a nuclear bomb, and their unquestionable love for Israel.

Part of the reason for this love for Israel is rather ghoulish: about 40% of America’s voting population believes that the rapture is going to occur within their lifetime. And central to the story of how the rapture will happen is for the Jewish people to regain the promised land, Israel. This happened with the dying breath of the empire on which the sun never set, and anything that threatens the status quo must be neutralised. Oh, what happens to the Jewish people when the rapture does come, you ask? The Earth will split and swallow all of them into a lake of fire, yes sir.

Talking about a Benjamin Netanyahu speech, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, America’s best news source, makes the point that we might well see a nuclear(?) war in the middle east because politicians in Iran, Israel and America can’t stop out-flanking each other on the crazy talk, on account of all three nations have elections coming up. The political stance on Israel in America ranges all the way from ‘I unequivocally support them and might bomb Iran’ to ‘I unequivocally support them and will definitely bomb Iran’.

There are, however, some politicians willing to say something against this idiocy: ‘Israel is not about to be destroyed… with his crazy analogies, the Prime Minister is diverting attention from Iran to his fearmongering’, or ‘Netanyahu’s words on Iran sound like a calculated preparation for a reckless adventure’, or ‘Israel is making a mistake in its unwillingness to recognise a Palestinian state.’ All of which were said by members of the Israeli Knesset.

‘Because apparently in Israel, you are allowed to publicly criticise the Israeli government and still hold public office.’


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