An announcement and an apology

The following is entirely off-the-cuff; so I fully expect it to sound like blabbering. I haven’t been writing here too often of late. I have been otherwise occupied, let’s say. There’s been somewhat of a steady decline in how much I write here, and I see no point in making the blog a link-collection. There’s a lot I want to write about which I don’t think I’ll do justice.

This, then, will be the last post until I get some things at work sorted out. Which, if it happens, I don’t expect will take inordinately long. It’s another matter if it doesn’t happen at all; but then the blog will be the least of my concerns. You are welcome to think of this as a winter hiatus. With that out of the way…

I read about this work from the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), which is quite inventive. A bunch of people from the electronics and the agriculture departments have come together to use the Tobacco Mosaic Virus to create high-performance batteries. Technically, they’re only using the outer shell of the virus, which like most interesting things today is nano-sized.

They coat the outer shell with nickel and use the tenfold increase in surface area over a plane surface that happens because of this to act as the current carrier in a battery. These batteries will be smaller for the same power output, and can be scaled up to meet large demands, they say. They also expect this type of battery to be longer lasting, and cheaper to produce. I haven’t put in any links here, but the story is from PhysOrg, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find it.

I thank you for reading. I hope to be back soon.


2 thoughts on “An announcement and an apology”

  1. I’m curious. Why didn’t you link to the story so that people could share it ? Search is all well and good, but you obviously had the link at hand and could have done something to ‘get the word out.’

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