The end is not near, it’s here.

My interview for admission into the PhD programme at JNCASR was today, this morning, just now. You know what they say about deer in headlights? Yeah.

Anyway, there are always a good and a bad side to any story. The good side, in this case, is that the blog will be back to normal programming very soon. I will leave the bad side unsaid, and leave it to you to figure out what it is. As stopgap, here are a few things that might keep you occupied, until tomorrow, when ‘normal programming’ resumes.

1) Wikileaks, that truly noble organisation if there ever was one, is starting a mass-mirroring effort. The entire site is only a few GB in size, apparently, and people with servers can form a sort of cloud-server for the information that is going to be leaked. I got none of the other technical details, but perhaps you will. This is apart from grad students being warned not to bring up wikileaks on social networking sites, and after wikileaks was deserted by paypal, by and by its DNS provider. [Hat Tip: Slashdot]

2) In less depressing news, it seems that electrons have ‘strength and honour’ too! I can now totally imagine the following to-and-fro:

– ‘Our switches will block out the flashlamp.’

– ‘Then we will fight in the shade!’

[/fuck electrons]

3) Here’s a really nice picture of the city of Paris. It’s from Black and White, who’ve taken it from somebody’s flickr page. I’ve linked the photo straight to the flickr page of the photographer.


5 thoughts on “The end is not near, it’s here.”

  1. 1. deer in headlights… lol.
    2. the b/w picture of paris has the eiffel and also a structure which looks so much like it (if u didnt have the original to compare it too..). it is some cell phone tower if i remember right…
    and is the big square structure louvre?

  2. Shorty meant the building centre of frame. That looks like the Louvre because it’s roughly the distance from the Eiffel tower that I’d expect.

    Notre Dame’s gargoyle, um? How far is Notre Dame from the Louvre?

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