NOT a new life form.

Did you read about this? A NASA agency has coaxed some bacteria to evolve the ability to replace, in SOME part of their cell-cycles, Phosphorus with Arsenic. Yes, Arsenic, that element that’s poisonous.

Oh, boy, did the science journalists go haywire: A new life form discovered! No, it wasn’t.

Go here to read a proper review of the paper. No, a new life form on Earth wasn’t discovered. Not even all the cell cycles where Phosphorus is used were altered to replace P with As.

xkcd’s take on this brings out the frustration that people whose research is misrepresented this way must feel:



Remember what I said about gullibility? It looks like science reporters are just as inclined to overstatement bordering on misrepresentation, and this isn’t limited only to the religiously inclined, like so:


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