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Thursday. IOU some links, don’t I?

Posted in This and That, Weblogs by Croor Singh on December 2, 2010

For the same reasons as the other two previous link-fests ([here] and [here]), I’m still busy. Which means you get to look again at interesting stuff that I’ve stumbled across.

1) Somebody in Spain claims she owns the Sun. No, not ‘Sun’, the makers of Java, but Sun, the fiery ball of (mostly) Hydrogen and Helium around which this nearly-spherical piece of rock, that has among its inhabitants a being so self-centred that I’m willing to bet that her head is near the bottom of her oesophagus, having travelled up through her intestines, moves. Is the verb placement too German for you, in that last sentence? Sorry! [Hat Tip: KNR, via BadAstronomer]

2) Somebody in Ireland made a joke about the pope, apparently, and got fired from his job for it. It was a witty joke, too! Perhaps it had too much truth in it to go down well. Here’s the poster. Click through to go to RD.net:

[/Caution. Pope]

3) Somebody called Matt Richardson has a way of sound-activating a DSLR camera to capture with fairly basic equipment photographs that would otherwise require expensive cameras. There’s even a video. Hat Tip: Slashdot


4) Continuing with the last post’s theme of comics about incredulity, here’s another one from JesusandMo:


5) Another comic, this time from FleaSnobbery, about ‘sophisticated’ theology and the theologians whose profession this is:

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