Pencil and paper

I draw. Somewhat. And only once in a while. But most of what I ‘draw’ has so far been on MS Paint. This one isn’t. I actually drew this on paper, with (an HB) pencil. I spent all of twenty minutes on it. (Putting this post up has taken longer than it took to draw.) Predictably, it isn’t very good. On the other hand, where else will I get to foist my ‘art’ on the world?

Make of it what you will.


Normal programming, as I’ve said, will probably only resume after December 7.


9 thoughts on “Pencil and paper”

  1. First of all, this might be one of the few occasions I’ve had to disambiguate the term ‘Shorty’.

    @(Vattam’s)Shorty, something like that, yes.

    @ (regular)Shorty, I drew this when I was writing the feminism v. burqa post. Like I was telling Nair, the bars have no effect on the person (who is formless, if my drawing isn’t clear :P), who still refuses to move away from them.

  2. You give me too much credit. And, like Pushkarini was saying, the thing about anything this vague is that you can read it to mean something that appeals to you.
    I was just quite annoyed after I read that article about some female who wants to wear the burqa.

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