Random pictures, Random games

I am going to be busy for the next two weeks or so with topics decidedly fluid-mechanical. Here at the blog, then, there will be little original material while I get my flu-mech hat on and try and get through a PhD admission interview. Here are some things that should keep you occupied, at least until tomorrow:

First, a brilliant idea implemented well. A tone-matrix that lets you create your own beats, designed by somebody called Andre Michelle. Good one, Sir!

Second, you know how Sheldon Cooper is fond of text-based games that run on the most powerful graphics processing utility yet created (imagination)? Here’s a site that let’s you play some classic text-based games, using an emulator that runs on Java.

Third, a timelapse video of the Aurora Borealis from APoD. The Sun’s just come out of a prolonged activity-minimum, and is expected to increase in activity over the next three years or so. Auroras can be seen more frequently.

Lastly, and I won’t fault you too much if you think this is beating a dead horse, but Sarah Palin’s gone ahead and… well, see for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Random pictures, Random games”

  1. I came across the tone matrix some time ago and realized it was composed of the pentatonic scale. I wanted to write a big post about it, but I got lazy. I think the comments section of your column should suffice 🙂

  2. Pentatonic means that they have used only 5 notes in that whole matrix. So every sixth note from a note is the same note with a higher octave. Imagine a matrix composed of all 12 notes of the piano. The sounds generated would be so cacaphonous. With 5 notes (that too of the major pentatonic, an established scale), the music patterns are much more melodious. That is why any random signature on the matrix still generates a melodious tune, the tune cant go out of the scale. Some time ago, I shared this must watch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne6tB2KiZuk
    It shows how random people think alike musically, in the lines of pentatonics.

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