Bangalore to Chennai and Oh, what a bother!

I’m going to leave for Madras* later this evening. The onward journey is going to be by train, thanks to Thatha who booked our tickets fairly in advance. The reason I mention that is this:

The Chennai-Bangalore train route is impossibly busy, and trains are invariably overbooked. One has to, then, resort to some bus or the other. KSRTC runs a million buses on this route, thankfully, and they have a website that lets one book tickets, just like the IRCTC website for the railways.

All that is to say this: if you want to use the KSRTC website to book tickets#, please, oh please, do it with IE and not with Firefox. (And especially not the Beta version of Firefox.) I’ve been trying to get tickets to get back to Bangalore since 10 in the morning, and made so many attempts that I know every number  associated with all my credit cards and bank accounts, before I thought realised that the KSRTC people might a bit slow on the uptake.

Damn them all to hell, and damn them some more!


(*) ‘Madras’ is IIT Madras. ‘Chennai’ is the rest of the capital of Tamil Nadu.

(#) If you want to check for availability, of course, it doesn’t matter. There’s a curiously silly thing that happens when you try to pay for your tickets. The bank’s website never gets the message from the merchant website.


The test I created is still open. I want enough votes for a statistically significant result. Do take the test!

[End? This is only the beginning!]


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