That’s “Shibbol33t” to you!

*xkcd’s latest comic is about tech-support, and the script that tech-support personnel (have to) follow. At one point, the caller is told he can use ‘shibboleet’ as a code word to mean he’s not completely tech-illiterate.

Shibboleet, or shibbol33t in l33tsp34k, derives from ‘shibboleth’, a word from the Hebrew bible. The word itself has a far more sinister history, as anybody familiar with The West Wing should be able to tell you.



* xkcd has to be spelt this way. XKCD is all right too. Xkcd is frowned upon!



The test I created is still open. I want enough votes for a statistically significant result. Do take the test!

[End. Fini. Kaputski. Shibbol33t]


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