A test: Is there an illusion here?

I thought I saw some effect when I was looking at one of the graphs on the stats page for the blog. I’m not sure if the effect is real, or it was just me. I’ve created a small test to find out.

There are three graphs below, each with two bars of different heights. In each graph are also suggestive values for the heights of the bars. You have to say if you think the suggested values are right or wrong. There’s a poll at the end where you can enter your answers. Pick one option for each of the figures. I’ve hidden the results to prevent any biasing. I’ll put up the results when there have been enough votes.

[Figure A]

[Figure B]

[Figure C]




[End. Fini. Kaputshi. Illusion!]


9 thoughts on “A test: Is there an illusion here?”

  1. Are we allowed to psycho-analyze the questioner? Of course he thought this, of course he thought i thought this etc. ad infinitum. I did vote though.

  2. Yes. Psycho-analyse the author all you want. I’m actually already seeing a hopeful trend in the results. Not nearly enough votes, though. Even with all the hits the blog gets. Quite surprising. How hard is it to click four buttons?

  3. It’s not so much as the problem with clicking buttons, I guess. More about not wanting to be judged. On a different note, are we allowed to vote more than once?

  4. Vattam, there’s nothing to identify who voted.

    The poll does cookie-based (not IP based) prevention of multiple-voting. If you know how to get around that, and you are going to report what you see at the time you vote, I see no reason you shouldn’t vote again.

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