Random Photograph: LoLSquirrel!

This is from Vattam. There are two of these, and I simply couldn’t decide which of them to leave out! I decided to just post both of them here. You can see why:

[LoLSquirrel – 1]

[LoLSquirrel – 2]



9 thoughts on “Random Photograph: LoLSquirrel!”

  1. Dude it is. You assume something is true and then with the alternate hypothesis defined, test your output to see if the hypothesis holds true (used in defining confidence intervals). Say you randomly pick a squirrel and check whether it’s a male or not. If you assume the distribution of male squirrels in the area is Gaussian (you know, like the spherical chicken in vacuum), then you can say with a certain degree of confidence (excluding type 2 errors) that the squirrel in the picture is a male. Ping me for more boring details.

  2. I know all the words in that comment, but have no idea what they are doing so close to each other.

    I’ve always wanted to learn the statistics of hypothesis testing. I have no idea what ‘distribution of male squirrels is Gaussian’ means, though. Male-female isn’t a continuous distribution. And I have no idea what your x-axis is.

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