Of clogged drains and not-so-embarrassed organisers

It seems the Games Village at CWG-2010 has lots of clogged drains. Why? Because athletes have used up and disposed of so many condoms that the drainage system can’t keep up. They’re fucking faster than the speed of sound (the sound of a toilet flushing, that is). They’re screwing faster than a swirling toilet. They’re… you get the point*.

Do you know what the response of the organisers is, to this ‘situation’? They’re happy about it. Why, you ask? ‘Because it’s a positive story that people are practising safe sex’. Because when somebody asks Mike Fennell about condoms clogging toilets in the games village, they are dying to know his stance on the politics of and the implications to social progress of sex and the use of contraception.

Asked about the embarrassing scenes of condoms blocking toilets at the Games Village, the CGF president said: “If that is happening, it shows there is use of condoms and I think that is a very positive story, that athletes are being responsible. This issue was controversial some years back but not now. Promoting safe sex is a responsible thing to do,” he said.

Somebody should tell Mike Fennell that his job as President of the CGF isn’t to ensure that people fuck responsibly. It is to ensure that the drains at the games village are built properly. Somebody should tell Mike Fennell that people don’t need to be condescended to and told that contraception is no longer socially taboo, as if the one thing that is missing from the magic formula that will transform society overnight is the word of the stupid fucking President of a stupid fucking games federation.



Hat Tip: Anubhab Roy.

* In the interest of whatever humour can be drawn from this, I’m going to ask you to feel free to make as many double-entendre references to screwing as you want and/or can come up with, in the comments.

[End. Fini. Kaputski. Fuck!]


2 thoughts on “Of clogged drains and not-so-embarrassed organisers”

  1. I think the average age of an international athlete is roughly that of a college student. We are putting hundreds of able-bodied late-teens and early 20s in a single “village”. So no surprise there.

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