Take Epic Stupidity. Inbreed. This is inbred epic stupidity.

Over the weekend, somebody showed me this video from some Indian version of Fear Factor. Except, the only way the idiots here know how to make Fear Factor is to shout at each other a lot, and humiliate contestants who fail to complete some task. They have all this done by a female, with which I see nothing wrong (she looks like some run-of-the-mill model with a potty mouth, but that aside…), but then this happens:

You really have to watch it to believe that this kind of stupidity exists. There are two dozen men in the video who want to beat up one little-ish guy who’s dressed in what looks to me like a dress. Real macho.

[End. Fini. Kaputski. Fucking Gits!]


10 thoughts on “Take Epic Stupidity. Inbreed. This is inbred epic stupidity.”

  1. hahaaa…. rofl… 😛 seriously, this female is scarier than you… and dude, how better can a kid get screwed. 😛

  2. How that stupid bitch agrees to put herself through this is beyond me. And that is to say nothing about the stupidity of the contestants on this ‘game show’. Aiyaiai.

  3. She is the ‘muscle’ in the show. She’s Joe Rogan. I think.

    This was when we were all stoned. I remember tripping about this video. Doesn’t seem all that funny, now.

  4. B=D There’s an ‘Insane Remix’. It’s ten minutes long, and nine of those minutes are just the two gits slapping each other. It sounds quite like a tennis rally!

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