2010 September – Month in review

This has been a fairly hectic month on the blog, and the busiest one yet (I’ve only been writing here for five months, so I don’t know what that ‘yet’ is worth). I thought these posts/comments from September are worth a second read.

Roughly chronologically, then:

1) The Indian armed forces in Kashmir are seen to be taunting Kashmiris, even throwing stones at houses in residential areas, in this video from Facebook. The Union Minister of State for Defence says the army needs the AFSPA to ensure that the human rights of the soldiers are protected. Up is Down. Down is Up.

2) IIT Madras punishes students caught cheating in an exam, which most people here agree is fair; and people caught marking proxy attendance, which people think is a bit harsh. A ‘Dude’ comes along, makes silly comments, and gets skewered.

3) A remarkably stupid ‘study’ conducted by the gits at Ericsson Malaysia claims that women are going to ‘rule the workplace’ by 2020. Why? Because it looks like they might have about a third of the jobs, worldwide.

4) The Prime Minister asks the Supreme Court to mind its own business and not try and make public policy decisions. He also talks about dissent and disagreement in his Cabinet and says this is a good thing, in this interview with several editors.

5) A crazy pastor in Florida wants to burn a copy of the Quran, people all over the world freak out, an attorney in Australia smokes weed made from pages of the Quran, finds that it sickens him, and loses his job. A teacher in Kerala gets his hand chopped off by thugs, and also gets deserted by his employers and his Church. This stupid bitch tries to coach muslim women on how they can avoid having to reveal their faces in public.

6) People here find out about how colleges in Chennai have the most god-awful, batshit crazy rules about male and female students talking to each other in college. Thankfully, the reaction (on this blog) is the sensible ‘WTF are they thinking?!’ There is also this rant about children being treated like racehorses and made to compete, presumably to stroke the egos of the parents.

7) Vir Sanghvi calls for religion to be left a personal and private affair, and points out what he thinks is the fundamental difference between Indian religion and the Abrahamic religions. In a different context, I talk to my professor about something and a delightful verse from the Rig Veda comes up.

8.) I read a very interesting paper about nurse-bees and circadian rhythm modulation and write about it, only to learn that people aren’t really that interested in chronobiology.

9) Several things about probability (see {this}, or {this}, or {this}) were said. The last link there is to a post that had wrong calculations, which commenters were quick to point out. That led to this retraction and a correction, due to Anant LK Kumar. There was, finally, this post about asymmetric dominance.

Conspicuously absent from the above list is any mention of the posts about affirmative action. A summary of those arguments (with Nair, mostly) will be the subject of an separate post one of these days.



Monthly Tally for September 2010: 54 posts, 3100 blog hits, ~150 comments.

Overall Tally: 189 posts, 9600 blog hits, 442 comments.

[End. Fini. Kaputski.]


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