Tell a story – 1 – With a cartoon

Pretty much the whole group at the engineering mechanics unit at JNC eats together. (You know this, of course, if you read this blog with any regularity!) The walk to the mess is quite leisurely, as is what usually happens when large groups herds of people meander towards the mess watering hole.

There are quite a few characters in the group here at the EMU, and I’m not just talking about myself in the third person.  This is among the more ‘visible’ people at EMU, JNCASR. This is also the first caricature I’ve tried that isn’t of myself. This is what I see on the way to lunch every day.

This, boys and girls, is Anubhab Roy!



One thought on “Tell a story – 1 – With a cartoon”

  1. you have (your blog has) definitely put EMU junta on the Google for not the things they’d want people to know them as 😀

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