Did you know Pokémon is actually a portmanteau of pocket monster(s)? There is also a grammatical nicety involved here. The plural form is also pokémon (and not pokémons).

Now, that show uses quite a few words from biology, but is actually quite hopeless when it comes to any semblance of accuracy. (I’m not saying don’t watch it!). Also, like Consti has discovered, you can have some fun making up something like this. I don’t know where you’d find an app that does this, though. I can’t find anything from Google.


By the way, if you weren’t quite sure what ‘portmanteau’ meant (I’m sure you are now, after the context told you), here’s xkcd’s take on portmanteaux (it’s a word from the French, and that’s how I’m going to spell its plural form! I don’t care if the spell-checker thinks it should be ‘s’!) and malapropisms. Randall Munroe, as usual, is brilliant (the mouseover text on xkcd is quite something, for example):



Arvind ‘Thatha’ Ajoy has done a Croor Singh and taken his birthday off Facebook. Yesterday was his birthday, apparently. Belated birthday greetings, Thatha. What did you do?

[End. Fini. Kaputski]


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