In today’s disturbing news…

I read two news reports last night that left me feeling very bad. Both have to do with politicians in India, so if you are going to read ahead, you’ve been warned.

The first story was the CWG in Delhi. For an event that I don’t agree with at all, it still pains me how badly we suck at organizing a two week ten day event. With all the money that’s been put into CWG 2010, and all the people that have been discomfited, and all sorts of liberties taken with the poor of Delhi, you’d expect some level of competence at preparations for the event. You’d be dead-in-the-shark-infested-water wrong. The CEO of the games has said on record that the games village is filthy. The main stadium for the games, the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, still isn’t ready. There are stray dogs in every part of the games village. And this:

A foot-bridge linking some parking lot to the main stadium has collapsed, injuring workers, some seriously. And apparently, the engineer in charge of the project worth 10.5 crore rupees (can you guess what the bridge should actually cost? Experiential estimates should tell you there should be a factor of about 10 involved) thinks there’s still enough time to build the thing before October 3.

With all this, perhaps the only silver lining to the commonwealth games cloud is that India will never again be asked to host anything. Ever. The poor in India’s cities can perhaps think of breathing easy. The other news report that I found unsettling has no such silver lining, however.

The Union minister of State for Defence has said the army in Kashmir is being made a scapegoat, and that the army needs the AFSP Act to protect the human rights of the soldiers. That sentence has to be read twice to be believed.

In what has to be the stupidest thing anybody’s ever said in justification of the AFSPA, the minister betrays a remarkable lack of understanding of what the situation in Kashmir is. The army is being made a scapegoat? What that should mean, unless words have been redefined since I last took note, is that somebody wants to throw stones in Kashmir, and that they would’ve thrown these stones regardless of the presence of the army; and that they’re just saying that the stone-throwing is to protest the army as an excuse. If I tried saying that to you, would you be able to keep a straight face? And the fellow spouting this nonsense is in charge of the defence of this country. Goddamn.

Says the moron of a minister:

The will to create trouble and foment trouble is still there and that is why the infiltration is still continuing and till that happens I think the security blanket (is needed) […] it is an essential instrument for forces in strife-torn areas and gives them a security blanket. You don’t want somebody thrusting human rights violations on our soldiers. So you have to give some amount of security blanket to these guys who are doing a hard job and you really don’t know in conflict places where the threat is coming from and how the terror element is going to strike.

The people who need a ‘security blanket’ aren’t the army. The people who need a security blanket are the people who get shot at by the army, people who have to fight bullets with stones. The way to not get our soldiers killed is not to give them carte blanche in Kashmir; it is to not send them to Kashmir in the first place. Oh, and that will to create and foment trouble the minister seems so set against? Its called the desire for freedom and self-determination. We used to respect and value it, once upon a time.


7 thoughts on “In today’s disturbing news…”

  1. Are all your posts abt sad stuff happening in India? or any wer else for that matter!
    y are u acting like the indian media>

  2. I hope that the ‘anywhere else’ was for Kashmir (I feel like I should point out that ‘anywhere’ is one word, not two, and that ‘where’ has an ‘h’ and two ‘e’s in it. But maybe I won’t).

    Comparing me to the Indian media is a low-blow, though. For that, I take back the “maybe I won’t”.

  3. The only good thing about this Commonwealth games is that it does not involve cricket. The only bad thing … no.. wait. Everything else about this Commonwealth games is pathetic.

  4. Some guy at the mess was saying: After today’s headlines, it is in the best interest of our country and the people (especially our “ijjat”) that some other mishap (like a terrorist attack or an infrastructure fail) should happen. At least our image wont be spoilt by the mouths of all the athletes for years to come. Because such a mishap will draw the covers on CWG.

  5. It’s a catch 22 situation with the army. So you can’t really expect the army to be withdrawn at the expense of turning it into the next terrorist hub. I don’t expect the lives of the Kashmiris getting any better even if the army is pulled back. So it’s basically damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    All people are born sinners eh? I guess that statement didn’t come from the religious upbringing of the minister. Oh wait

  6. Adarsh, this ‘somebody’ seems sensible!

    Nair, There’s a decent roadmap for what the Indian government can do that Syed Geelani, the separatist leader of the Hurriyat has put down. It was reported in Tehelka. It won’t solve anything overnight, and the Indian government will have to back down from the ‘Kashmir is an integral part of India‘ rhetoric, but it seems sensible.

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