Another edition of ‘With leaders like these…’

Sunil ‘Pogo’ Manohar pointed me to this news report from the Times of India. An imminent cabinet reshuffle in Karnataka’s State government has been in the news for the past few days. I hadn’t read this particular one, though.

Apparently, ministers in the current cabinet who’re likely to be dropped are resorting to threatening the Chief Minister with mass-resignation, massive protest, and so on. While that is silly enough – it is entirely the CM’s prerogative who he chooses to look after what portfolio – that isn’t the worst part of this.

…sports minister Goolihatti D Shekar stunned the party with his threat to commit suicide if he’s dropped. An independent legislator, he was among five independents, who propped up the minority BJP to form the government. ”If I’m dropped, I would have no other go but to commit suicide. Let the BJP hoist its flag on my dead body,” Shekar said.

That’s right, the minister for sports has just threatened to kill himself if he isn’t allowed to continue to look after sports in Karnataka. He’s that attached to sports in Karnataka. Or something. After yesterday’s low of cheapness, this is a new low in begging.

Like I said, with leaders like these…


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