Income tax evasion

Did you read about this? Mahesh Bhupathi wants to pay his father a chunk of money for feeding, clothing and sheltering him. This is a new low, wouldn’t you say? There has to be some line when it comes to what people are willing to try to ‘expense’ away. That the Karnataka high court has taken this reasoning to the cleaners is only a saving grace.

The high court, as it usually happens with court verdicts in this country, has quoted everybody since Manu to say that this isn’t acceptable. They say, for example, that ‘this is contrary to the very foundation of Hindu law’… ‘It is the pious duty of a father to educate his progeny’ and what not. While I’d be chuffed to find out that the foundation of Hindu law is to not evade income tax, I don’t quite think that’s what I find wrong about this.

I have a much simpler crib: it’s unbelievably cheap. The amount involved, Rs. 28.5 lakhs, is as far as I can tell, pittance for Mahesh Bhupathi and his father. It gets worse. It turns out that they’d signed an agreement as far back as 1994 in the hope that they’d be able to save some tax money some time in the future. That’s cheapness that might surprise even Russell Peters. So thank you, Messrs. Bhupathi, for giving Russell Peters more comic fodder about how cheap Indians are. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the next  show of his that I bootleg a little bit more now.


8 thoughts on “Income tax evasion”

  1. He seems to have done that to just evade tax. If thats the case i am for it. I would rather evade tax and donate money (to whom i want to) than give a major chunk of it to politicians to make them rich.

  2. Ravikanth, that’s (and you’ll excuse the phrasing here) just silly. Here’s why:

    1) He’s not donating the money.
    2) You don’t get to use public resources if you don’t pay your taxes. No roads, no railways, no airports, no subsidized petrol for your cars (and that’s just in transportation).
    3) You don’t randomly decide who is more deserving of money from your taxes. You could do that, of course, if you lived on an island which only you inhabited. But since you don’t, you can’t, apart from electing people you think will do the thing you want.

  3. well croor. If its my money and when I dont trust the government I would play by all the rules and get away with whatever i can. I would still be legal.

    @nair-ROFL. nice one:P

  4. Ravikanth, that seems to me to be short-sighted, self-centred, opportunistic, and a few other things that I will think of shortly.

    You’re planning to buy an island, though?

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