It’s funny because it’s true.

I’ve said something about what happened the first time I tried a sharp-edged instrument on my own face. Turns out I decided, this morning, that once was enough practice to start experimenting.

Here’s what happens when you hand someone like me a razor, and give me carte blanche:



Yeah, If that caricature looks all misshapen, that’s not a comment about my drawing abilities. It would be one about my (lack of) skill with a razor. Are you sure you want to look at the actual thing? Go over to Facebook. It’s in the folder labelled ‘This and That‘.



Oh, by the way… There’s an annoying fellow from IITM who keeps stealing my ‘artwork’ and putting it up as his profile pictures. I may not have put more than half an hour of work into this image, but it’s mine. Don’t put it up as your work.


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