If this isn’t WTF-worthy…

Nair has been surprisingly non-busy today, and has stumbled onto something which we both find reprehensible.

It’s a common sentiment among visitors to Chennai that it is as conservative as a Metropolis can be. I’ve had the feeling, once or twice, that that sentiment may be misplaced. Boy, was I shown wrong!

First off, here’s a page out of a rule-book of a local engineering college (you know, those things that churn out typists for the computer-software writing industry), a deemed university, even – Satyabhama. This is from Krish Ashok’s blog, who I believe is an alumnus of one of these tartarean institutions:


Is your blood up to a good simmer? Mine was, even before I’d gone through half the page. I mean, What the FUCK is a ‘university’ doing telling people whom they can or cannot talk to?

Then Nair found this Times Now report from 2008 about sexual segregation in colleges in Chennai:

The fellow who is interviewed got suspended for a month and a half for wishing a girl a happy birthday, and because he’d lost 40 days’ attendance, he wasn’t allowed to finish that whole year. Seriously.

What I don’t understand is this: How is it that these students go along with this nonsense? Yes, getting through college is important, but it isn’t really all that important – 200,000 students do it every year in Tamil Nadu alone. ‘What could they possibly do?’, Nair asks. How about a free hugs campaign? How hard can it be? How many people will the college throw out? How is it that nobody has thought of this so far? Or why is it that nobody’s done anything like this so far?


13 thoughts on “If this isn’t WTF-worthy…”

  1. this reminds me…..we had staircase segregation even in MES college….you could talk to girls on the ground floor and on the first floor but not in between!!!!

  2. I have heard about this from a student of Satyabhama college. They seize id cards if a guy and a girl talks and they have a mesh frame work in the bus so that girls sit on one side of it and the guys on the other side. Who the hell are they to decide who talks to whom! And this coming from an engineering college where people are expected to be professional at work later in life !! I mean seriously wtf!

  3. Vatsan, LoL. I knew about MES being a kudumi organization, but this was news!

    Sailaja, Utter pea brains they are. That they think they’re doing this to help students is perhaps the worst part of this.

  4. i cant believe i was so lucky to have spent 5 years in chennai and not to have been subjected to such insane wtf’ness !! even in places as remote as nagaland, where i spent 4 years, schools and colleges teach students the meaning of a free life, and the importance of freedom of thought and expression, unlike here, in a metropolis where the ‘educated’ spend their time more in moral policing, oh wait, moral stupidity than at whatever… i see where we are not heading.

  5. …. i feel like blogging now…. and did you know that all girls residing in ‘these college hostels’ need to be inside hostel premises before 6 in the evening. I also recently came to know of a few colleges where girls residing in ‘college hostels’ are not allowed to have mobile phones. Ohh was i lucky to first have been born a male and second to have come to where i spent my last 5 years !

  6. Students put up with such nonsense only because deep inside their minds (and their parents, especially the girls’ parents) they really want to have this system in place. Its like being soaked up with gutter water.. You don’t realise it after a point that you are soaked up with shit..

  7. While it is probably true that parents might be okay with putting their children through this crap, I don’t think any student wants to go through this.

    People may get used to being in the gutter. That does not mean they want to lie in shit.

  8. Much talk about shit here. Let me add. People always worry about the shit that comes out. They can store enormous amounts in the inside. That’s it.

  9. If you’re saying that everybody’s full of shit, I think I’ll just go ahead and agree!

    I’ll add, though, that some people are worse than others – to wit: the Chennai crowd – Or really, anybody who thinks running two separate colleges in the same physical space is a better way of handling adolescent angst than talking to the fellows.

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