Talk about not getting the point!

Nair showed me this video and said it was of a muslim woman taking off her veil on camera. I was all interested, you know, freedom for women and more power to her and all that… until I watched the video.

What sort of moron do you have to be to think that when lawmakers say  people aren’t allowed to hide their faces in public offices, and are even prepared to take on the inertia associated with religion, they wouldn’t have thought of some idiot making up some nonsense like this? More importantly, though, what sort of douchebag do you have to be to take the freedom you have in a liberal country and abuse it like this? She’s coaching women on how to not show their faces in public? Because women in Taliban-controlled regions want to remain caged indoors, I guess.

I think I’ll allow myself to be so sexist as to call her an absolute prick of a human being.



4 thoughts on “Talk about not getting the point!”

  1. Exactly. The only saving grace, perhaps, is that women in Taliban-controlled areas aren’t allowed anywhere near computers. No, wait. That’s just going from the insane bitch to the crazy bastards.

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