The fracas over the burning (or not burning, or burning only if a mosque is built, or not at all) of a quran by a Florida church, and ensuing condemnations from a whole bunch of Islamic states, including Jammu and Kashmir has been quite stunning. How does a Church in Florida burning a book affect somebody in Kashmir? With everything else that’s happening in Kashmir, why on Earth are they bothered about this?

This Australian attorney seems to have had the right idea about this whole affair, for example. Unfortunately, he’s going to lose his job because he smoked joints made from pages of the Bible and the Quran (he says the Bible smokes better than the Quran, if somebody’s curious). He says that if you think what happens to some pages you will never lay your eyes on, EVER, is critically important, you’re taking life too seriously. ‘Here. Smoke some’.

The artist of Jesus and Mo has a similar take on this issue. He makes the point with characteristic wit:


Jon Stewart and Co‘s take on this is clever and sane, as well. (I would’ve embedded the video here, except Comedy Central videos never embed properly.)

You are allowed to have all the delusions you want. What is objectionable is expecting other people to believe your delusions too. And asking others to ‘respect’ your beliefs isn’t much better. Nor is ‘I find that offensive’ an argument.

I think that will be the last I’ll say about this sordid affair of slow-burning Qurans and extremely-quickly offended people. Never fear, though… there are ever so many nitwits in this world, and they can never help themselves. I’m sure the next one will come along soon enough.



11:20 am – I’ve used, above, ‘he’ to refer to the anonymous artist of Jesus and Mo. I don’t know that it’s a ‘he’. I don’t even know that it’s one person and not a group of people. Apologies.


4 thoughts on “Quran-smokin’”

  1. Um, I don’t, do I? I’m also quite attached to my hands and feet. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember.

    ‘The beginning’ being “Quran-smokin”? Yeah! 🙂

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