The Bee Story

I currently live on the IISc campus. It turns out that I’ve lived most of my life in some campus or other – Bangalore University, IIT Madras, and now IISc and JNCASR. Among the better things about living in an academic campus is that these places usually have much better plant/tree growth than outside. Which also means that one sees a lot of animal life – mammalian, reptilian, molluscan and arthropod – at these places.

The following happens quite often, except I don’t usually have my camera or my wits about me to point and click. I say ‘point and click’, of course, because the pictures are quite ordinary. The lighting seems all right, but there’s quite a bit of blurring.

I’d left a window open, and there was this bee in my room.


The thing was ginormous. The picture above doesn’t give you any perspective of the scale of the photo. Here’s one that does – the reminder pad is 2’x4′ or so in area:


Shortly after this, I decided I had to crash. I put a rolled-up newspaper to good use and threw the thing out the window.


4 thoughts on “The Bee Story”

  1. @ Hemanth, Unless you mean I argued the bee out of my room, ‘repudiate’ isn’t the word you should be using!

    @ pf4a, (can I call you that?), I looked at your blog. ‘Nice pic’ coming from you is a compliment. Thanks.

    @ Nair, :D. Fist fight it is! (And not verbal arguments!)

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