I get email… from the distant past!

The library at JNCASR has an email-reminder system that tells you when books you’ve checked out are due to be returned. It also tells you what books have just been issued to you (if you think this is pointless, ask people at IITM if they’d prefer that this be implemented).

This time, though, the library have outdone themselves. They’ve predicted what book I would take out today, and predicted it forty years ago! Here’s the header from the email:


Subject : ISSUE SLIP
Date : 01-01-1970 5:30
To : croor{at}jncasr[dot]ac[dot]in


(Yes, that’s my official email address.) See, they’ve predicted two decades before I was born, heck, two decades before there was even a JNCASR, what books I’d be taking out as an R&D assistant at the Engineering Mechanics Unit. (They’re also early risers, but that’s peanuts compared to the other feat!)

I should probably tell them to fix the date on their email server, no?


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