David Attenborough talks to Richard Dawkins

This is a featured article over at RichardDawkins.net… It’s not an interview, but a conversation between Sir David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins. And it’s fantastic.

The conversation was arranged by The Guardian. The article is available here. Dawkins complains that the ‘chairman’ at this sort of thing invariably ends up playing spoilsport, that they come up with a list of things to ask the people they are interviewing and are insistent upon getting to the bottom of their list. Luckily, in this case, the entire audio is available to listen to and download. Have I mentioned it’s brilliant?

Keep listening to the end, and you can hear David Attenborough’s imitation of Ernst Mayr’s ‘I am Ernst Mayr, and I am a hundred years old.!



Hat Tip: Vattam, for telling me to listen to the audio, after I’d read the article and decided it wasn’t all that great. Seriously. Listen to the audio!

Update: I was able to get the audio last night from The Guardian’s page. If this is like a podcast, and has been removed, I could send it to you.


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