Why Manmohan Singh ended up on TrafficDepot

I wrote about an interview with Manmohan Singh that was reported in the Indian press. One of the comments on that post was a pingback from Twitter saying that this post has been mentioned by somebody called TrafficDepot.

If you go to that page, you’ll see that TrafficDepot is somebody, or more likely some machine, that collects news related to traffic and what-not, and is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. So, why is a computer that’s programmed to pick up news about traffic in Nashville interested if the Indian Prime Minister talks about Naxalism in Orissa?

I can’t be certain about this, but my guess is that ‘Singh’ is a term that TrafficDepot has been programmed to grab as an indicator of a taxi-driver.

That’s a) marginally clever, and also b) quite racist. All Singhs are taxi-drivers, now? I do fluid mechanics for a living, dammit.


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