Random Photograph: Waves of Chaos from jvlphoto@flickr

I don’t usually post pictures that I haven’t myself shot (or haven’t been given express permission to post). And while I’ll have to take the photo down if the photographer objects, I’ll leave the link here so you can still look at the pic at the artist’s page.

I get Black and White pictures in my RSS reader everyday. While B&W pictures are easy to get right, perhaps because of this, it’s quite hard to make them good enough to stand out. This is about as good a pic as I’ve seen. The photographer’s page says the image has been processed using PSCS5 (I’m guessing that’s Photoshop), but it’s brilliant regardless. Click through to go to the photographer’s page at Flickr.

Waves of Chaos from Justinvl. Take a bow, Sir!

14 thoughts on “Random Photograph: Waves of Chaos from jvlphoto@flickr”

  1. [Resists with great effort the urge to say something clever, saying instead:] Inasmuch as I know, protein folding shows self-similar behaviour as you go from large to small scales.

  2. Yeah, it does look very similar to a folded protein. Going from the edges inward, the level of detail increases exponentially! Brilliant pic!

  3. Bhadwa, of course, means number of folds (or something like that) per unit area/volume. Zoom in, and you’ll see no difference in ‘detail’ at all. That’s kinda the definition of a fractal.

    @Everybody, you should perhaps go to the artist’s page and tell him he’s done good with the pic.

  4. Well seeing as how you’ve been so nice about my pic, asked people to click through, and aren’t trying to make money off my photo I can’t help but thank you, and say it’s totally okay to leave up here (humbled actually).

    Though you shouldn’t be afraid to ask next time either 😉

    Thank you for the very kind praise!

    P.S. Sorry for my acronym PSCS5 is Photoshop CS5… I used it to create more contrast in the image and enhance some of the details in the leaves (while darkening some spots to keep the viewers eye within the frame).

  5. Its the perfect example for a fractal! The architecture in the picture is quite amazing. The self-similarity aspect when you zoom in is missing in protein folding though.

  6. I thought protein folding was self-similar, atleast until you got to the molecule level. Not so?

    That reminds me, Sayash used to have a collection of computer generated images of fractals. Probably still does.

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