Taking Epic FAIL to a new level!

If you know who Sam Anderson is, chances are that you’ve seen part of, or if you are especially brave of heart, the whole of his movie on YouTube.

There’s apparently another such fellow. Only, this one does documentaries and not ‘commercial’ cinema. He’s the Michael Moore of… of… well, you decide for yourself:

Warning: Not Safe For Work. Also not safe if you are squeamish, sensitive, or ever so slightly uppity.


4 thoughts on “Taking Epic FAIL to a new level!”

  1. It isn’t particle physics, da… people can figure these things out for themselves, you know, unless they’re two.

    On the other hand, it kinda is rocket science, so you never know.

  2. I think he is doing some great social service. The best part is he feels so important when he’s telling all this. As though he’s teaching something very important. I like his attitude.

  3. Shit!!! Aim for the hole and shoot. And soap is optional??? In tam-land maybe . Not to sound a regionalist, but that’s just sickening.

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