Plan of Action – The grad-student-who’s-a-compulsive-blogger Version

I, like most people, don’t start working on something I’m supposed to be doing until atleast the halfway mark. Perhaps later. Never sooner. I still do expect (maybe ‘hope’ is a better word to use here) to finish my work on time. Somewhat like this:

I write a lot, and about a laundry-list of things, these days. So much so that I’ve started, to be accurate, telling people that I’m a blogger, and I do some fluid mechanics in my spare time. The blog is a source of great enjoyment, of course… What with all the ‘Dude’s that prop up in the comments, say something stupid, and get mothered by people. And unlike the ‘Dude’ post which was written in twenty minutes, quite a bit of what I write takes (much) more time:


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