Never screw with a woman – Pakistani cricketer version

Some Pakistani cricketers (was it three? seven? all of them?) were accused in the English media of ‘spot-fixing’. Amidst all the speculation about whether the ODI series against [England] would happen at all, whether these people would play in that series, or play for Pakistan at all, whether they would face more action than that and so forth, there were some noises in the Pakistani administrative camp about this being not so serious a matter, or being baseless allegations.

An ex-girlfriend of Mohammed Asif has thrown a spanner in the works. She’s claimed, and handed over what she says is proof, that Asif has fixed matches (or ‘spots’ or whatever else gets fixed these days) in the past, even bargaining over better rates for his services.  She also claims that all this was known to the administration and they did nothing about it. That, to me, is damnable.

Why she has recordings of Asif haggling with some bookie over rates is perhaps something that we will never be able to answer. Just out of idle curiosity, though, I’d like to know what Asif did to this woman for her to throw a grenade at him when he’s already facing a firing squad.


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