Up is down, down is up…

I was told about this video that shows Indian security forces (some variety of soldiers, they look like)  in Kashmir throwing stones at Kashmiris in a residential area. On the other hand, we’re talking about Kashmir. This is just business as usual then, perhaps.

The worst part of the situation in Kashmir, people say, is that the Public Safety Act (PSA) allows Kashmiris to be locked up, even for protesting peacefully, without requiring that the security forces give details about who is locked up where – a suspension of Habeas Corpus, essentially. Public Safety Act. Ironic how these things are named, isn’t it?

While it isn’t hard at all to find examples of atrocities committed by Indian security forces in Kashmir, here’s something that at least looked heartening. Kashmiri policemen are resigning in droves. It also looks like many of them might even become part of the stone throwers – the ones throwing stones in the right direction, if you will.The Tehelka story also quotes many policemen who say on record that the CRPF – the Indian security forces – have gone from being in Kashmir to assist the local police in controlling the situation to taking over the job of the local police. What they’ve done with this control is, of course, plainly seen.

While no resolution to the Kashmir problem seems to be in sight, here’s something that should make everybody involved shudder. In the absence of any degree of compassion from either India or Pakistan, radical Islam – the Taliban kind – is taking root in Kashmir. Which may not be all that surprising, granted, but is as I said, terrifying. The group I’ve mentioned, the Daughters of Islam, is headed by a woman who wants her sons to become warriors for Islam, and not doctors or politicians. This is what awaits Kashmir, and us, if the present situation in Kashmir isn’t resolved amicably. This is the nightmare scenario – our own version of the Taliban, knocking on the doors of New Delhi.

That allowing Kashmir freedom would let the caprice of Pakistan get within striking distance of Delhi is how the Indian occupation of Kashmir is usually rationalised. You see what I mean when I say ironic?


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