The Spirit of Cricket?

The talking heads on TV were all talking about this, yesterday, as is every newspaper in circulation. A London-based football-club owner has been arrested on charges of ‘spot-fixing’ (that’s the bastard step-sibling of ‘match-fixing’, if you didn’t know). I’ll let you read the story for yourself (watch the story, more like… the whole thing’s been caught on camera), and only say the following.

I’m not particularly into patriotism, or nationalism, or sports for that matter. But when there are millions (about 1.2 million families and 17 million people, is the current estimate) of people in your country who’ve been displaced by natural disaster, your government is fighting to keep the Taliban out of the North-West, and in spite of the average income in your country being worth less than dog food, you are put up in the Marriot at London, and asked to do your best on the playing field…

… And you go ahead and take money to throw matches, you deserve to be, dare I say it, beaten up. If these allegations are proven even remotely true, of course (and I don’t see how they could not be), I’m afraid this isn’t too hard to imagine at all. Cricketers’ houses have been ransacked in Pakistan, and people beaten up, for much smaller offences.


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