The Intelligent Gestation Theory

Have you become sick and tired with those ‘scientists’ claiming with absolute certainty that sperms and eggs ‘fuse’, make one cell, and that that cell goes on to ‘develop’ into a human being? Have you known in your heart that this cannot be the answer, but not how to show that this isn’t the answer?

Well, the good people at The Intelligent Gestation Institute have the scientific answer to your theological/philosophical anxiety. Drawing a page out of the Intelligent Design movement, that gives an answer that people can agree with emotionally, and not just ‘intellectually’, The Intelligent Gestation Institute argues for an answer to the miracle of life from Biblical principles, and not just ‘science’ or ‘reason’.

I have only one problem with the Institute and their efforts. I happen to think that this is intellectual property theft. I believe Messrs. Fry and Laurie came up with this a long time ago:

Hat Tip: PZ Myers.


3 thoughts on “The Intelligent Gestation Theory”

  1. Nothing doing, dude. There are bees in the mix, too. As Bart Simpson says:

    What a day, eh, Milhouse? The sun is out, birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them – as is my understanding…

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