The Creator Has A Mastertape. Damn!

I don’t usually write about music, mostly because I know next to nothing about it. Not Indian music. Not Western classical music. Not rock. Zilch.

But I do listen to music. I have this track by Porcupine Tree, from an album called In Absentia on my player. It must have been one of the last things I bootlegged* onto my computer before I left Madras. It’s called The Creator has a Mastertape. Oh. god. Damn. If you thought The Sound of Muzak had some radical drums**, you have to listen to this!

Eet ees eensane I tells ya.

* Yes. I have bootlegged music on my computer. <A la Martin Sheen from Two Cathedrals> It’s a sin. I’ve committed many sins. Have I displeased you, you feckless thug? </Martin Sheen>

** On the other hand, if TSoM‘s drums aren’t considered radical, go ahead and write this down as being more evidence that I know nothing of music.


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