Guess the political figure

a) Is a US politician. (Whoa! Stop guessing and read on!)



a) Is a US politician. (Whoa! Stop guessing and read on!)

b) Is an erudite man, with several academic honours to his name.

c) Is a prominent democrat who ran for President, but was never the frontrunner in the democratic primaries, and was talked ill of by the other contenders from his own party. He eventually won the Democratic nomination, and went on to win the presidency, and appointed some of his opponents to high posts in his own government.

d) Was recognised worldwide as a great thinker, and awarded a Nobel Prize.

e) Was firmly opposed to war.

f) Has been a target of white supremacists.

g) Appointed more than one judge to the US supreme court. Among them, A woman and a Hispanic.

h) Was a supporter of science and technology, and reversed quite a few of his predecessor’s bans on biological research, which were religiously motivated.

i) … but still claims to be a firm believer in god, and a lifelong christian, in spite of his father being from a different faith.

j) And finally, has a cherished dream to find a resolution to the mid-east crisis, and create a Palestinian state.

Simple enough? Humour me, then. What did you guess? The answer’s in white, below:

Barack Obama? How about Jed Bartlet (go here) from The West Wing?! Yes, I cheated a little by putting (d) as late as I did in the series, and Jed Bartlet was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, not the Peace Prize. And the ‘woman’ and the ‘Hispanic’ in Obama’s case happen to be the same person. Sonia Sotomayor.

I read about Obama wanting to get Israel and Palestinian leaders (story here) to Washington to talk about a firm solution to the crisis. Is he trying to pull a Jed Bartlet? Or has he already done enough?! Are Aaron Sorkin and co. prophets? Should we also expect Joe Biden to go off spelunking with (into?) some White House aide, then?

6 thoughts on “Guess the political figure”

  1. Hey! It looks like I can irritate conservative nuts from a whole other country. A whole other continent, even.

    So, yes, Mr. Patrick Sperry, sir, I’m stupid. And stoned. As I’ve said quite often, IIT Madras were just being generous when they gave me my degree.

    Or it could be that you are utterly humourless, in addition to being mad as a monkey (of conservative values, to be sure).

    You know, I’m just saying that’s a possibility too.

  2. The nut (no offence to Prabhav Kashyap) must be thinking the “IITM were being generous” statement was sarcastic. Little does he know… oh shoot.

  3. I don’t know if you know this, but there is a real US politician who is very close to the above fictional character in values and ideas for US foreign policy. He is Sen. Ron Paul who contested for the Republican Presidential candidacy in 2008.
    Surprisingly, he is also very knowledgeable in Economics though he was a physician by profession. It got me wondering if the fictional character is inspired by him?

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