Of thrown shoes and suspended policemen

Omar Abdullah joins the league of GW Bush and P Chidambaram, in that he’s had a shoe thrown at him at a public gathering too. The shoe was thrown from the VIP gallery at the Independence Day function at Bakshi stadium in Srinagar yesterday. (In contrast to GW and PC, though, the shoe was thrown from behind him. I’m sure some numerologist somewhere is working out what this ‘means’.)

The shoe-thrower was a suspended cop who somehow got past four levels of security with a black flag, (not to mention his shoes), which he tried to hoist after his propulsive endeavour. He also shouted slogans for Kashmir’s Independence, reports say. Omar Abdullah seems to have taken this incident in his stride, so to speak, asking for more shoes to be thrown at him. I’m sure there are many people who can’t wait to oblige. If only the leadership at the Centre said something like this!

The thing that bothers me about this incident isn’t that the J&K police is calling the man’s sanity into question – this sort of cynicism, one could almost have predicted. What bothers me is the solution the J&K police have come up with. They’ve suspended 15 policemen who were on duty at the venue.


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