Ravikrishnan Croorchandran Sivaramasingh

People who’ve known me for more than ten minutes, and bothered to ask me what my name is, know that I prefer going by Croor Singh (people who know me a little better also know that I’m also quite specific about the spelling). The most important reason for this seems to be some sort of vanity – it’s a fair enough conversation starter.

I’ve told so many people my name’s Croor, in fact, that I’m quite certain that people who know me as Croor far outnumber people who know my given name. It’s quite possible that Chandrakanta could make a comeback on TV just because of the number of people watching to see if my hair matches that of the villain. Profs call me croor (as I’m sure everybody who knows me has heard me say many many times). The latest in the line is one of my advisors at JNC. I am, of course, perfectly happy being called Croor.

I mention all this because there might be some utility as well to having this (second) identity: there’s a second guy named “Ravichandran S” at JNCASR. I was a little shocked to see my name on the mess bill for June, which is how I found out about this second guy. In light of this, I’ve told the mess they can call me croor singh on their bill, but I’m not very hopeful they will.

Should I ask them to call me Ravichandran C.S., perhaps? How about Ravichandran Singh? Or Croor-chandran? I think it was MG’s suggestion that I be called Croorchandran Sivaramasingh, but I don’t think the mess will quite go for that! They could always call me the far less fun (and less accurate) ‘Ravichandran Sivaramakrishnan’, but what happens if the other guy’s father is called Sivaramakrishnan too? I can’t wait to find out!


5 thoughts on “Ravikrishnan Croorchandran Sivaramasingh”

  1. “‘Ravichandran Sivaramakrishnan’, but what happens if the other guy’s father is called Sivaramakrishnan too?'”

    one solution is to change the father’s name. what do u think croor?

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