From Pharyngula: Feminism 101

There’s an ongoing debate (inasmuch as writing over the internet can be called ‘debate’) on one of Pharyngula’s posts, which has now spilled over into a second post, which begins with  two checklists for feminists. I should think everything in the column on the left is more true in India than in some western country. Here’s one or two more for the column on the left, which are perhaps better seen in an Indian context:

1) In the popular media, there’s never a male ‘damsel in distress’ who needs to be rescued by a female hero. Come to think of it, there isn’t a male equivalent for ‘damsel in distress’ in any language I know.

2) Every application for any post, public or private, in India requires one to mention the name of one’s father or husband. Because without the male name, the application cannot possibly be complete, I guess.

3) The number of skin care products designed to make one look ‘fairer’ has grown manifold over the last few years. And although there are products for men as well, these are predominantly aimed at women; the negative incentives for not using these are also larger for women.

I’m quite certain that this list isn’t exhaustive. But then, an exhaustive list would be, well, exhausting; not to mention depressing.


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