Secret quotas, Nepotism, and IIT Kharagpur

Everybody has seen this story about there being a ‘secret’ quota for the children of faculty and staff at IITKGP, in their five-year integrated M.Sc. courses. What people may not have seen is the ‘explanation’ for why there was such a quota. Real effort would have to be put in to come up with something sillier, or patently nonsensical, than this.

Here’s the ‘explanation’: IITKGP’s staff and faculty have made sacrifices to live at such a rural place as IITKGP; their children have been denied access to better education, better facilities and a better environment than what is possible at such a rural place as IITKGP. In order to compensate for this disadvantage of being at such a rural place as IITKGP, or perhaps as a ‘reward’ for the sacrifices made by faculty and staff of an institution located at such a rural place as IITKGP, the children of staff and faculty should be given what amount to byes, or freebies, or get-out-of-jail-free cards, or what have you.

That has to be the worst logic in the history of the world.

No, wait. The catholic church takes that prize. With their ‘explanation’ for why there are about two dozen ‘saviours’ with the exact same story as Jesus Christ, whose stories have been around a lot longer than 2000 years. Do you want to know what the explanation is? Satan went back in time and put these heroes there to confuse people. Now, that’s not me mocking the catholic church. That’s the official explanation of the historical hero-figure having been around for about five centuries before Christianity.

IITKGP’s explanation comes a close second to this in sheer inanity. I’ve heard from quite a few people that people who live in Kharagpur come to IITKGP to do their shopping. Whether or not this story is apocryphal, it should indicate that however rural IITKGP may be, they children of faculty and staff at IITKGP are far more fortunate than many many Indians outside the gates of the IIT.

Children of these people employed by IITKGP have parents who are educated, the atmosphere of one of the best institutions for education in the country, and facilities that are subsidised by the common man. And these pricks can’t bend their backs and study enough to pass some exam. And somehow, they deserve to be compensated for all this, with seats they’ve just proved they are unworthy of? The Stupid. It Burns.

The worst part of all this is that I’ve just had to compare an IIT to the catholic church. That’s about as ‘give up and die’ as it gets.

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