The Last Hurrah

IIT Madras was home for five years. If that sounds corny to you, I can only say that you are less sedentary than I am. A month after presenting my project report to the department, getting no-dues certificates from a dozen people, and coming to Bangalore, I was back at IITM for the convocation. I was home.

IITM has seen extensive renovation and a spate of new buildings – a changed landscape. What is it, then, about the place that makes one feel so comfortable? Is it the friends who show just the right amount of surprise every time you see them after a while? Is it the room you’ve lived in for four years? The hostel you’ve spent the majority of your post-adolescent life in? The lab you’ve been in at every possible hour of the day, sometimes celebrating, sometimes despairing, often hoping? The teachers who seemed to understand what you were going through, probably because they’ve been through the same things? The fellow at Gurunath who remembers your face even a month after you’ve been anywhere near his store? Even four years after?

At IITM, I’ve gained much knowledge – some good, some useless; many memories, many experiences – some good, some bad; seen many places, most of which I’ll long to go back to; met many people – some I’ve said too much to… some, not nearly enough.

IITM has made me who I am today.

I’m in Bangalore after the controlled frenzy that was the convocation. This is it. I am officially no longer part of IIT Madras.


4 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah”

  1. @Ravikanth-1, One big thu for you.

    @Ravikanth-2, I blame everybody but myself for my faults. Always.

    [To wit: maybe that last statement is paradoxical, but meh.]

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