Freshies and their Parents

This is freshie season at most colleges in the country. Being a residential institution, it’s also open hunting season on freshies at IITM. Sure, seniors here will wait till the parents of these freshies are gone before they begin having ‘interactions’ with them, but hunting season it is, and I kinda think it should be.

Something I saw today makes me even surer that these entrants into an adult world need to be jolted out of their ensconced existences. I saw not one but three idiot-freshies at Saras getting their mothers to do their cleaning for them; sometimes the father joined in, which meant the idiot-freshie joined in too, making it a joyous family event.

What the heck are these morons doing getting their mothers to clean their crap for them? Surely they’re old enough to do this themselves. Or old enough to realise that paying somebody 50 bucks will get this done. I felt like slapping one or two of them and asking them if they planned to hold their mother’s hand when they crossed the big-bad road.


I have, since writing this, been told that the fellows I saw weren’t freshies. They were second-years. I gave up.


2 thoughts on “Freshies and their Parents”

  1. Dei, what is wrong with that da? They want to help out for the first time in the new academic year na. It is likely that they were also localites and the parents themselves might have offered to help out. No big deal.

    You have a right to crib if they only expect someone else to do their cleaning for them in the hostel, but people grow up da.

  2. They were not localites (Ask me how I know).

    These gits (atleast two out of the three that I saw) got their parents from some other city and had them clean their rooms.

    They should be asked to look up mollycoddling, them and their parents.

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