Dear Tata Docomo,

I bought a SIM (#abcdefgh) from a retailer at IISc, Bangalore – I believe there’s only one on campus – on 25 July, which is three days ago now. I paid the retailer the money for the SIM and money for the first recharge. I also gave him a copy of my passport and a current photo.

My number hasn’t been activated yet. The retailer tells me he hasn’t received the SMS telling him that my number’s been activated. He also tells me that someone from Tata Docomo complained that the photo on my passport doesn’t match my current photo, and that this is a problem.

I got my passport more than five years ago, and the photo on the passport is obviously from before that. Does Tata Docomo expect people to retain their faces for decades together so that they may have the pleasure of using a Tata Docomo phone? Do you expect me to get a new passport with a new photo because I want a SIM from Docomo? Or is it perhaps that my passport isn’t enough proof of identity for you? Does the Indian Government know about this? You should tell them, and get back to me with what they say.

Oh, and your customer care number is a joke. You have people who can’t string the simplest of sentences together working as your public liaisons. I’ve called your customer care number four times already. The only suggestion I get is to talk to my retailer. Because I couldn’t have thought of that idea from particle physics by myself, I guess.


A pissed off customer who is going to tell everybody he knows never to buy a Tata Docomo phone.

PS: I wrote this on 28th July. I’ve since returned the SIM to the retailer, who’ll probably return it to you; bought a SIM from another provider, and had the number activated within 20 minutes of paying for it.


6 thoughts on “Dear Tata Docomo,”

  1. Hello,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We would still like to help you out in this matter and escalate your complaint.

    Thanks & regards,
    Customer Care.
    Tata DOCOMO

  2. Do you expect me to get a new passport with a new photo because I want a SIM from Docomo? Heeheehee. Naice rant.
    I am likewise pained with spicejet for not refunding my money after flight cancellations. I think they have some inside strategy to stretch people’s patience. I am sure half the people forget about their refunds or give up after sometime. And this costs them what 10 minutes of patient and useless call center employees to listen to you? They will still profit after never paying me back!

  3. @ Tata Docomo. a) Too little, too late. b) You want to escalate my complaint? Do you realise that that means you want to irritate me further? Is this truth in advertising or an example of what I was ranting about in the first place?

    @ 5’3″ (see, I remembered), Spicejet did this to your flght ticket? The call centre employee is hopelessly stuck, by the way. They’re given a manual which they have to strictly follow. Which means they come off seeming indifferent, or stupid. Or worse. Write about it. They read blogs too, or google themselves daily, I’m willing to bet!

  4. Hello,

    Please provide us your Tata DOCOMO number and your reachable alternate contact number so that we can resolve your problem ASAP..

    Thanks & regards,
    Customer Care.
    Tata DOCOMO

  5. You are right. Mine is same problem.

    I had applied for MNP (from vodafone to tata docomo) on 3rd of February, 2011. My number is got ported on 9th February, 2011. I had inserted new tata docomo sim which I had already recieved. It is (till date) not working. I had enquired about same many times to nodal office (9028009028) with many nodal officer (Kishor, Aniket etc.). Nobody had given satifactory answer. Then I had visited nearby tata indicom outlet(Viman nagar, pune). They told me that the sim (8991037211020005510 2) on which they had activated my number (9823674847) is wrong and he had made request to start my number on above mentioned sim. After 3 hours I got call from nodal office that my number cannot be start on above mentioned sim and I have to bought new sim. I can’t understand why should I suffer and spend money for mistake what tata docomo executives had made. Then he told me that he will arrange delivery of sim card at my place and he will get back to me in some time. He never call back.

    I had committed for reebok wrist watch (after my number gets activated) by nodal officer (Rakesh Chincholkar) on 5th Feb, 2011 in written communication through mail (, ref: M3529866). Once my number get activated I tried to contact him many times but he always avoided me. I had made request to arrange callback from rakesh (request no : 253288667) yesterday. They told within 24 hours he will get back to me (which got completed today 15:00 p.m. without any callback). Thenafter I had called at least five times to nodal office to get a chance to talk with rakesh. All executives (aniket, kishor and one lady) told me that within 1 hour they will get back to me. Actually they are trying to avoid me so once office time over (18:00 p.m.), I can’t contact them and they don’t need to attend me till at least monday. Sorry to say but they all are liars.

    I had also made request to change my sim (request no : 253390989). My current status is my number is gets activated but I cannot make call either from tata docomo or from vodafone and that is also due to tata docomo’s mistake. And nobody is ready to start or stop my services and even not ready to give explanation. That is ridiculous. So my question is :

    1) When can I expect my number will get started (I mean when can I call)?
    2) When will I get my assured Reebok wrist watch ?
    3) Can I expect some demonstrable actions against these all involved nodal officer ?
    4) Can I get some compensation due to inconvienience cause by non professional behaviour of your nodal officer ?

    My humble request is that just listen all the conversation carefully then you will get idea how rude and non professional your nodal officers are.

    Expecting something from your side.


    Ankur Shah

  6. No reply fro tatadocomo customer care from last 4 days.

    totally fucking service

    Dear Sir,
    > Sorry for Direct Escalation.
    > I am very much dissatisfied with tata docomo services.I have requested
    > to activate unlimited plan on 27-july but still it is not activated.
    > Today again i called at 121 but still not getting any satisfactory
    > answer, the guys are working over there are saying you can do whatever
    > you want to do ,even they said you can disconnect but we can’t fulfill
    > your request.
    > Hope for positive response.
    > Regards,
    > Kamalvir sharma
    > On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 12:54 PM, kamalvir sharma
    > wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I am really very much dissatisfied with your services.I have deposit
    >> 850 Rs AT fc ROAD PUNE docomo outlet for activation of 899 plan but
    >> still it is not activated.
    >> I have book trouble ticket with Customer care ( 326628919) on 13
    >> September and also requested to activation of 899 plan as well as
    >> adjustment of two month bill.
    >> I receive a call from Billing back end team , they are saying there is
    >> no any any 850 rupees security deposit showing in system but as per
    >> customer care team deposit is showing in system.
    >> please investigate at your end and reply me immediately.
    >> —
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Kamalvir Sharma

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