You pay. If you also eat, you pay more.

I’m no longer a student at IITM. But I still get email from smail. I mention this because I found one particular development at IITM quite interesting. Or perhaps ‘interesting’ isn’t the right word. We’ll see.

The hostel management of IITM, that dreadful, hopeless, sedentary piece of bureaucracy, has decided that it is finally time to try a pay-as-you-eat system at IITM. Except, in their  usual style, what they’ve managed to come up with isn’t that at all.

There’s a Rs. 1500 per month minimum limit on how much a student can spend. Did you get that? 50 bucks a day, and that’s the minimum you can spend. You are, of course, free to pay to eat any more, but this minimum you will have to pay. They’ve also threatened people that if there aren’t 500 students who want this system of mess-food (for a whole semester, or not at all), the minimum will be increased to 1800. That’s 60 bucks a day. What people in the normal mess pay every month, whether or not they eat, is Rs. 55 or Rs. 57 a day. Maybe less.

I think somebody somewhere has messed up their definition for ‘pay as you eat’. This is more like ‘You pay. If you also eat, you pay more.’ (Oh, and the ‘You pay. If you also eat, you pay more’ mess is cleverly dubbed ‘Food Mall’. You know, to give it a hep feel. Or something. It definitely is fancy, I grant you… well, the prices are, at least.)

Naturally, I find all this quite funny, seeing as how I’m not going to be subject to this, but it still is puzzling as to why the HAS would expect anybody at IITM (you know, where the best minds come to study and all that) to go along with this. I say this, because the HAS, apparently, is confident of more than 500 people enrolling for this and is therefore not bothered about the minimum limit going to Rs.60/day.

You know, because IITians cannot possibly make the argument that since the prices at this Food Mall are about the same as Basera (all right, Olive Kittchen, if you want!), the minimum-per-month should also be the same as Basera, i.e. ZERO. Because it would take all the computational power of ten full brain cells to tell that one is being ripped off.

Now that I’ve put it like that, can somebody point me to the fellow who made this deal with RR Caterers? I’d like to ask them if they plan to run the country’s government sometime in the near future.


7 thoughts on “You pay. If you also eat, you pay more.”

  1. @Ravikanth, What does Mani have to do with the prices? The caterers have to agree, right? And that’s all? How can Mani have a problem?

    @Both, HAHAHA! you’re going to suffaa!

  2. Why would Mani say no to 900! Why am I ( and so many others ) forced to pay for something we have never eaten in months! Why. 😛 And girls don’t even have a choice, not like it makes any difference…

  3. You’ll now get to laugh at 500 duffers who will choosing this mess and end up paying through their noses for the same crappy food that you cleverly avoid. Enjoy!

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